Pointed Development



In mid 2013, I started a new game framework project called tegen! It’s fun and exciting and right now, it’s brand new! See the development at https://github.com/jgshort/tegen.

Pull tegen locally with git: git clone git://github.com/jgshort/tegen.git

Watch the screencasts:

  1. tegen – a game engine introduction
  2. tegen – from scratch: part 0


A few years ago I wrote a tutorial on creating Linux daemons in C (see part II and III, too).

As of November, 2012, I’m revising the fundamental base of the Linux daemon code outlined in the tutorial into a static library, wordptr.libwpd.

Follow the ongoing development through posts in the Linux Daemon category.

$ git clone git://github.com/jgshort/wordptr.libwpd.git

Various Projects

I keep most of the code for this site within one of my github repositories. However, I maintain a parent repo which includes all of my standalone projects at https://github.com/jgshort/wordptr

Pull projects locally with git: git clone git://github.com/jgshort/wordptr.git


I recently updated my blog domain. I also updated my revision control structure. You should now access the code for this site from the above listed repositories and not the old narcissisticme.com domain.