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I’m Not Arguing With You Over Your Terms of Service

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I’ll use your service until you screw me over.

I like the Internet. I’ve been on it a long time, and I’ve always tried to utilize the latest and greatest Hot New Thing. I like to give companies the benefit of the doubt when it comes to my information: I know they need to make a profit and I’m fine with that.

But don’t screw me over and don’t try to hide your marketing strategy from me.

When Facebook went public, I removed my account. In all honesty, I probably shouldn’t have opened an account in the first place, but it was fun and neat and easy to use while it lasted. I just couldn’t get over a couple of comments made by the current Facebook CEO and I wasn’t comfortable with certain aspects of their terms of service and privacy policy. Also, let’s not forget the whole governance fiasco.

I removed my account and took all of my data with me.

Likewise, when Instagram changed their terms of service and updated their privacy policy, I felt equally uncomfortable. Their blog post about the whole thing didn’t help reinforce my belief in the company, by the way.

I removed my account and took all of my data with me.

It’s now impossible to avoid the You’re The Product aspect of most public web sites. That’s fine, but I’m not going to be patient with these companies when they change their terms of services or privacy policies. Don’t screw me over and I’ll remain a happy product.

Otherwise, I’ll delete my account and take my data with me.

I don’t need the services these companies provide and neither do you. Delete your account and take your data with you. Another entity will soon take its place. After all, none of these internet properties are adding any real value. A billion dollar valuation? Not even close, these properties are effectively worthless.

End of story.