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These things are neat/useful.

I’ve used a lot of different tools over the years. As I’ve aged, some tools have remained staples of my development toolbox. Others have fallen by the wayside, never to be executed again.

Here’s a list of tools I use throughout the day/week/month. This will be a living post of sorts: My toolbox changes all the time and I’ll do my best to keep this list as current as possible.

Be forewarned, however: I’m a developer of esoteric taste!

  • Hypervisor

    • VMware Workstation

      I love VMware Workstation. I’ve written about it a couple of times, and it’s now an integral part of my development environment. I find that it’s more approachable, more stable and faster (no, I haven’t collected any benchmarks) than Oracle’s VirtualBox. Everyone needs a hypervisor in their life. If you’re not going to pay for VMware Workstation, get VirtualBox. Seriously. Now.

  • Text Editors and Typesetting

    I had a hard time picking just one text editor. I use two different text editors depending on context and operating system. If forced at gun point to pick a single favorite, I’d pick vim.

    • vim

      My go-to editor on Linux. I use it religiously. Also, I don’t use any plugins within vim. It’s not that I don’t like plugins, I just don’t use them. I’m always open to suggestions, however. Leave a comment if you have any must-have vim plugins.

    • Notepad++

      It’s light weight and easy to use. It’s my primary text editor on Windows.

    • TeX

      For typesetting, it doesn’t get any better than this. At all. Ever. The combination of TeX with vim and git is simple perfection.

  • Languages and Frameworks

    • C

      I learned on C. I still write in C. C is everything I’ll ever need in a language.

    • CWEB

      I said I was a developer of esoteric taste. I’m not kidding! I’ve been in love with literate programming from the day I first read about it. Thinking through an algorithm and actually writing its description has tremendously improved my code.

    • C#

      C# is absolutely outstanding but it’s really the framework that’s such a joy to use: The .NET framework is incredibly powerful, logical and well-written.

    • Java

      Not only do I like to play on Android, but I’m also developing new enterprise frameworks for business analytics on Java and Java-based platforms. Love it or hate it, Java is the platform for enterprise-class middleware applications.

  • IDEs

    • Visual Studio 2010 and 2012

      In general, I really appreciate Microsoft tools and technologies for development: Visual Studio is gorgeous and functional and incredibly powerful. Pair the IDE with a few extensions and it’s near perfect.

    • NetBeans IDE

      I have a lot of love in my heart for this elegent IDE. I use it to manage large C-based projects on Linux and even include NetBeans project files in my github projects such as wordptr.libwpd. The interface is great. Oddly, I’ve never used it for Java development. What’s wrong with me?

  • Development Utilities

    • Resharper

      It says a lot about Resharper that I almost feel crippled in environments where I can’t use it. I work much more efficiently in Visual Studio when I have a copy of Resharper at my disposal.

    • autotools

    • Valgrind

      I’m never going to write perfect code, but Valgrind helps me find memory leaks which helps me acheive high(er)-quality code. It’s fantastic.

    • git

      Once I discovered distributed revision control, I never looked back. Git is wonderful. I manage my VM and host machine configuration files (/etc) with git, all of my writing projects, all of my code and nearly everything else. Beautiful.

  • Brainstorming

    • Freemind

      The most useful brainstorming doodad ever written.

    • Scrivener

      I like to take the mind maps I created with Freemind and somewhat convert them into stories or whatever with Scrivener. It’s excellent! I don’t utilize its publishing capabilities, but its organizational capabilities are outstanding.

    • Evernote

      I religiously use this to track project ideas and story sketches. Paired with WordPress for Android, I have a backlog of blog posts for the next 30 days or more. And it’s constantly growing. Honestly, I can’t live without it.

  • Web Apps and Sites

    • Trello

      I like to make lists and track projects and status and things of that sort. This is the best list maker, project tracker and status thingy ever!

  • Android Apps and Utilities

    • PocketCloud

      It’s my VNC/remote desktop application of choice on Android.

    • ConnectBot

      It’s absolutely the best SSH client on Android. Paired with PocketCloud, I’m a very happy remote worker.

    • WordPress for Android

      I don’t use it to manage my blog, but I frequently use this and Evernote to jot down quick post ideas.

    • Google Analytics

      The perfect little mobile window into the happenings on my blog. Love this thing. It’s addictive!

    • TweetDeck

      My favorite twitter client. I’ve tried a couple, but I keep coming back to TweetDeck.