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A Flood of Inspiration – Being Thankful and Thinking

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I’m going to eat this food, be thankful and think.

As the year comes to a rapid close, I reflect. Here’s what I’m thankful for in 2012:

  • My son, Gabriel
    What can I say, he’s a fun little guy and he brings me pure joy. He’s given me new perspective. He makes life rewarding. More than any other human being on earth, he makes me laugh ’til my sides hurt.
  • My wife, Penny
    The light of my life. We’ve been through a lot in the last half-decade. She’s been unbelievably supportive of all of my ideas and that’s a gift I treasure every single day.
  • My stepdaughter, Memory
    She’s the daughter I never had: Fun, bright and talented, and she’s really opening her mind to new ideas and new experiences. She’s growing up to be a wonderful young lady.
  • My brother, Zach
    Zach was diagnosed with Burkitt’s Lymphoma a little over a year ago. He went through months of chemotherapy at Houston’s MD Anderson Cancer Center and was declared in remission earlier this year. He just moved to Portland and he’s trying to get his feet back on the ground and move forward with his life. Cancer is a shit disease. I’m thankful he’s well.

Apart from being thankful for so many wonderful people in my life, I find myself spending quite a bit of time just thinking. There are so many hard problems to solve!

And there’s a lot of technology out there that we can use to solve these problems. There are a lot of bright minds out there to work with.

What problems can we solve tomorrow?