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The Nexus 10 – My Dumb Terminal Plans

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Wherein I decide to regress back to 1970s-style computing. Where’s my IBM 3270?

My Google Nexus 10 is on the way (or may have already arrived by the time this post publishes). I’m particularly excited about this purchase for one reason:

I’m going full dumb terminal.

I built an OS X development box back in October which I subsequently paved and replaced with a CentOS host and VMs.

I now have this massive machine sitting in my office running 24×7 with a multitude of operating systems and software. And it’s a bit too bulky to lug around the city.

But I still want to use it while I’m in the living room or out having coffee or whatever.

Enter the Nexus 10. Or at least, my plans for the Nexus 10. I’m curious to see how this actually plays out.

Inspiration for this idea came from Mark O’Connor’s Yield Thought post on using an iPad Linode to replace a MacBook (also, see his follow up a year later).

First, I don’t want a laptop. When I built my machine, I wanted something that would grow with me for the next three to five years, though five might be pushing it. Second, tablets aren’t quite capable enough for raw development work.

The Nexus 10 came at just the right time. Its screen resolution (2560-by-1600) is definitely capable of displaying what I need to see. Mostly, it’ll be connected over wifi or tethered to my phone, so connectivity isn’t an issue. Finally, 90% of the apps I’ll be running will be running remotely on my development box.

Once I get the Nexus and configure it, I’ll post about my experience.

All that’s missing is an RS-232 connection.