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The Best Feeling: Technical People Should Blog

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I have no idea what I’m doing.

Major Hayden recently wrote about Why Technical People Should Blog (But Don’t). Also, see the Reddit comments.

This really hit home. If you’re following along, you’ve noticed that I just started blogging with a purpose, passion and schedule on a daily basis. Independently, I arrived pretty much at the same conclusion as Major: All technical people should blog.

But don’t.

Sometimes my conclusions are incorrect. Sometimes the code I post is broken. Sometimes I just plain say something stupid.

But there’s one thing that makes everything worth it, and here’s a picture to illustrate the idea:

Right Now: 1 Active Visitor

It’s a nice feeling knowing that just 1 person is reading your ideas

if just one person finds what I write to be useful, then I’m doing the Right Thing ™. Admittedly, the one person pictured above may be a robot, may have found my blog worthless or incorrect, but the point still stands:

Write because there’s value behind experience.

It’s not easy. Coming up with a new concept or idea is challenging. I don’t possess the most amazing gift for grammar or spelling. I’m not the most technically proficient developer.

But I have years of experience in this field. I have ideas. Someone, somewhere will hopefully find this information useful.

That’s all I could ever really hope for.