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The Restless Inner Geek

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Finding time to geek out is incredibly challenging.

Weekends of my idyllic youth were spent at the family coffee table eating a bowl of Lucky Charms and watching Goonies play continuously. I’d rewind the VHS tape to review the most amazing scenes, scenes that captivated my imagination.

I’d then run outside and recreate the movie with my friends.

Later, I’d take on the role of a princess-rescuing plumber squishing Goombas, or – more often than not – turn City Engineer and build LEGO Things. Sometimes I’d watch Goonies and build LEGO Things, sometimes I’d spend all day playing SMB. Sometimes I’d play outside with my friend from morning until night, high adventure our Prime Directive.

I never spent a moment of my youth away from some creative endeavor, however: If I consumed some bit of pop culture, I digested the exciting parts, adjusted and molded it around own universe and repackaged it as my own Creation.

I can’t tell you how many times the Ghostbusters and the Goonies fought off would-be pirate ninjas.

With machine guns.

My childhood ritual of film, games, LEGO and play were foundational in shaping my Inner Geek. The challenge, though, is continuing to nurture my Inner Geek. And with so many amazingly geeky things out there, it’s screaming to be unchained! And yet the demands of life are generally at odds with being a geek. Finding the time to geek out becomes a challenging exercise.

I now channel my Inner Geek to one of Master Geek Instructor. And what better students than my own children: We play outside, watch geeky movies and play the most amazing video games. We play board games. We build crafts. We Create.

As with developer mentoring, I find it much more rewarding to share the hobbies and interests of my Restless Inner Geek with the impressionable minds of my children: They could use a healthy dose of creativity.

As my parents did with me, I wish to instill in my children a sense of wonder and excitement about the world around them. Let Discovery, Adventure, Creativity and Constant Learning be their guide.

Finding time to geek out is incredibly challenging, but sharing my own experiences and creativity with my children makes the challenge so much more rewarding.