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I’m Not Dead!

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I swear, I’m not dead!

As with all of the source code on this blog, I’ve pushed everything up to github under the repository. You can retrieve the latest like so:

git clone git://github.com/jgshort/NarcissisticMe.com.git

First, tl;dr:

  • I’m back.

It’s been an incredible year.

I had to shelve updates for a while to focus all of my attention on my son — born 2011/02/28. Being a father has given me new, profound insights into such things as the human digestive system and forced me to appreciate the luxury of sleep and personal time…

Particularly, however, I’ve learned to appreciate the deep sense of wonder that comes from learning and seeing something new, different and amazing. Every time my son sees or tries something new, he infects me with his curiosity and excitement. It’s an incredible experience for both of us.

For me, this has sparked a new renaissance of personal discovery and learning. I’ve been reading and coding and discovering and it’s all very, very exciting.

So let’s go…